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MKC Advisor is a global advisory firm that works exclusively with the Private Equity Sponsors, Wealthy Family Offices, Investors, Donors, and President’s/CEO’s providing strategic counsel powered by high-value relationships to turnaround or increase top line revenue for institutions/companies. Our founder/chairman creates teams to execute on the disciplines of strategic communications, investment banking, management consulting, business intelligence, talent development, digital analytics, corporate governance, government affairs and corporate restructuring to solve for the most complex business and reputational challenges and opportunities.

We have special expertise in any vertical to turnaround a distressed enterprise for Private Equity firms, Venture Capital firms, or Family Offices. Our powerful creative strategies provide real-time solutions executed by specific teams to execute. The Firm was founded by Dr. Michael K. Clifford.

While MKC serves billion-dollar transactions, his heart is helping start-up Entrepreneurs plus CEOs that want to scale their business.

 “When passionate about your enterprise, problems become your purpose.”

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Turnaround & Crisis Management Teams

  • Engage team to implement workout, reversal and restructurings.
  • Advise companies with financial issues before or after bankruptcy through a “hands on” approach.
  • Provide urgency and temporary management during crises situations.
  • Identify financial/operation issues and create action plans that bring stability.
  • Expand duration during which company can with its secured and its unsecured lenders, creditors, bond holders and equity investors to regain confidence.
  • Create and enact strategic plans in the areas of operations, marketing, sales, and finance.
  • Identify and close new senior leader banking relationships.
  • Assist in assuring consistent leadership and support for employees.
  • Crisis prevention management services.
“I’m living in the dreams of my yesterday, but I have dreamed since then…and this will never do…”


After Founding Three Companies With Three Successful IPO’s, We Know The Investment Community

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property Divestitures
  • Debt & Equity Management
  • Licensing, identifying Strategic Partners and Joint Ventures

Balance Sheet Restructuring Experts

  • Prohibitive executory real estate leases
  • Senior and sub-debt obligations
  • Leases for hardware and computers
  • Accounts payable
  • Various capital structure problems
“Every problem has a solution”
 “One can never get too many brains in your conference room.”

Intellectual Property Transaction Advisory

Distressed IP-Based Enterprise
  • Stakeholders/shareholders made a strategic decision that access to future capital would be limited either by the initial investment group(s) or by market conditions.
  • A decision was made or implied that existing management could not take the company forward and/or there were major issues with the business model.
  • The company(ies) had 0-8 months of CASH available.
  • The Board of Directors and Shareholders wanted a “Clean” exit (no formal bankruptcy, ABC – Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors). Basically, a settlement of outstanding issues that demonstrate the Board is meeting/has met their fiduciary responsibilities, no potential lawsuits against “Deep Pocket” equity investors and a reduction of the significant time the Board and Shareholders are spending at/on the company.

Intellectual Property Transaction Advisory

Healthy IP-Based Enterprise
  • Board of Directors wanted to maximize the value of the Intellectual Property and other associated assets.
  • Have performed R&D, quality assurance, CE and/or FDA approval
  • Have a working Beta test or field operable product(s)
  • Have patents, trademarks, copyrights, logos, systems, processes, and channels of distribution and other Intellectual assets to potentially leverage
  • Have a select team dedicated to the management and leveraging of Intellectual Capital that can maintain and develop additional product offerings
  • Have CASH availability of 6-18 months
“We know the experts that successfully solved these assignments”
“Faith is the catalyst to the impossible, the prognosis of the probable, and the potential in the powerful.”
– Kris Vallotton

Global Presence

  • Determine equity, debt, equipment lease and IPO financing in U.S. capital market.
  • Provide for strategic relationships and joint venture partnering opportunities with US VC backed portfolio companies and industry leaders

Domain Expertise Of Our Teams

  • Software
  • Medical devices
  • Digital marketing
  • Telecom
  • Optical networking
  • Mobile
  • Non profit Development
  • Software Developer Recruiting & Retraining
  • Social commerce
  • Internet technologies
  • Gaming
  • Security technologies
  • Internet media/advertising
  • Storage technologies
  • Off & On Boarding of Human Capital
  • Life sciences
  • Semiconductor
  • Solar
  • Fuel cell
  • Cyber security
  • Board Recruiting
  • Online Education
 Serving to have fun making money while leaving a legacy of helping others.
 “Trusted relationships is our currency.”

Business Practice & Fees

  • Written contract with each Client at the beginning of each assignment
  • Charge fees on a retainer basis/bill expenses on a monthly basis against a performance-based payment
  • Only represent debtor companies in crisis/turnaround management situations
  • Report to the Board of Directors or controlling Stakeholders
  • Earn performance fees and warrants for raising capital, and/or maximizing enterprise, stakeholder and shareholder value
  • Flexible with all transaction
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