Michael K. Clifford

We protect leadership from embarrassing situations. How? By providing Business Intelligence with experienced counsel to continually improve all the important metrics of your institution.

Let me tell you…as the founder of Grand Canyon University, the predecessor of Ashford University, Jack Welch Management Institute and the Forbes Business School (and others), I have lived through multiple near-death situations because the data was wrong that we based our critical decisions upon. IT IS PAINFUL.

Tired of always looking in the rearview mirror? Weary of being unpleasantly surprised when projections are missed? Tired of emotional finger-pointing within your leadership? We offer your solution, and we pay for ourselves many times over.

My 20+ years of success in higher education has brought me to a place whereby I NEVER engage in any project without real-time data analytics. We have discovered the combination of sharing a real-time dashboard of easy-to-understand data with all stakeholders in an institution begins to bring unity powered by progress. Experience success because you have Predictive Analytics for all Metrics of your Institution.

By empowering an institution with real-time data analytics, our group of partners have saved some entities millions of dollars a year. Others have reported a 19X ROI. They calculated that themselves. The biggest benefit of our low-cost powerful combination of data with experienced interpretation is that there is no time spent searching for answers. As your institutional questions evolve, our process can keep up. We will bring our sophisticated Ph.D. data scientists to help all your stakeholders discern making the right decisions.

We have knowledgeable relationships with 42 service providers. If the data informs your leadership team that contracting with a service provider makes sense, we will help with a time-saving, rifle-shot RFP process, because we know all the providers. Once the data dashboards are installed, we can help evaluate with real facts, current service providers and then replace those that are not producing. No more smoke and mirrors–just hard facts. We are your leaderships’ advocate.

Speed is what is needed in decision making as a leader in higher education today. Decisions based on real data from within your institution will allow you to get ahead of the embarrassing moments. Our collaborative process takes all the history and personalities out of the decision making process: Alignment | Alignment | Alignment. We recommend that this data be available to everyone in a leadership position in an institution, including the Board. We focus on increasing revenues primarily via:

  • Increasing Enrollments Ground/Online
  • Lower Cost Inquiry Generation
  • Increasing Donations
  • Providing Broader Access
  • Forward Financial Visibility (cut losers and invest in winners)
  • Predictive Analytics for all Metrics of Institution (Academics included)
  • Continuous Improvement of Service Providers

So…might we schedule a 15-minute chat? Our strategy is very low-cost and becomes a profit/surplus center for your institution quickly. We are truly a “performance-based” relationship. My gift is to bring the technology and experience as a catalyst to serve alongside leadership to help an institution thrive academically and financially.

Honored to schedule a call. Thanks for reading this note. 760-801-5021.

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