— Original publication date: September 14, 2016

You should! I am befuddled at how many super-star CEO’s plus their Boards MISS the value of this strategy. It is so simple…

We just finished a full day meeting with a highly successful family office investment group in Austin. They have remarkable success. What I learned:

  • CEOs & CFOs are not planning “the-right-kind-of-financial” partners in advance of their company’s needs…not out in front of the growth opportunities.
  • Finding the right private equity investor turbo-charges C-Suite value creation.
  • CEO’s & CFO’s underestimate the growth potential of their companies because they are executing their plan…there is no real time to analyze opportunities like a first-class private equity team can bring…with cash.
  • There is more smart investment capital available than most Executives realize…the KEY is find smart strategic investors…that is the challenge.
  • Rarely do Boards & Management teams understand the “two-bites-of-the-apple” concept to jump-start value creation…they are too focused on “no dilution” || WRONG THINKING!
  • CEO’s & CFO’s do not have the focused bandwidth to create multiple exit strategies…like a full-time experienced team will do at a high quality private equity firm…because it’s in their DNA.
  • IF the CEO/CFO/Board DO decide to engage a private equity firm, they are in NO position to really rifle-shot the best two or three firms…this is not their gig; it’s unfair to ask them to find the right firm…and…
  • Hiring an investment banker for a company with a minimum of $1 million to a max of $50 million EBITDA is a HUGE mistake unless you–here comes da pitch–do not know about me.

We have 20-year valuable relationships with 40+ high-quality private equity firms, all very specialized by verticals….with secret sauce for Management. Our family co-invests with other families alongside these as an independent sponsor…they WIN for their Limited Partners, Family Offices, and Management teams…BIG time!

Once I understand your company & strategy, we can introduce you to two or three of the “right-private-equity-firms” FOR FREE because we might co-invest. Think “rifle-shot,” time-saving relationship.

Contact me to chat if you serve as CEO, CFO or on a Board to explore a strategy to jump-start the value creation of your company. 760-801-5021 | mkc@mclifford.com.

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