— Original publication date: November 30, 2016

My phone is ringing with investors who are slowly waking up to the facts:

  • A radically new government is about to change everything about Education K thru 20 in America on January 20, 2017…time to move forward.
  • This President-Elect has spent 50-years overcoming obstacles: unions, environmentalists, IRS, SEC, regulators, international governments, tort lawyers, media bias, financial ups & downs, strikes…but always winning for that which he was passionate…and he is passionate about Education.
  • We are now entering a new EPOCH of OPPORTUNITY for education, institutions, entrepreneurs, corporate training, human resource leaders, teachers, techies, marketers, administrative leaders…AND INVESTORS WHO LOVE TO DO WELL FINANCIALLY WHILE DOING GOOD FOR PEOPLE.
  • Secretary-Elect Mrs. Betsy DeVos is a breath of fresh air for any leader who really wants to help people live better lives. Her family is the best example in American history of “Compassionate Capitalism.

The future for education in American now is clearer than ever before: Public/Private Partnerships.

! Non-Profit Institutions can now fully leverage the BILLION$ of investment capital that has been sitting on the sidelines for the past 8 years out of fear of being punished for desiring to make an honest return-on-investment.

! For-Profit Schools can now enter into unique strategic consortiums with savvy investors and smart, innovative Non-Profit schools’ leadership.

! Investors can take advantage of this rare window whereby competition has been obliterated for schools that can jump-start their operations powered-by-marketing…the demand is higher than ever before. Investors can take advantage of the lowest evaluations in 10-years…and a highly-skilled expert workforce in reality about compensation.

Our group is deep into some unique, creative revenue-increasing Public/Private Partnerships for Investors & Schools now…we see a clear runway for a new time of prosperity for mission-centric, innovative education leadership…plus a time for investors to make more money from the education sector than ever before. || We bring the Money, Management & Marketing…

Our group is available to review all opportunities for Investors, For-Profit & Non-Profit Schools who desire to ethically exploit this new:


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