— Original publication date: November 2, 2016

In today’s business world, especially for nonprofit organizations like schools, “seeing” forward is a critical management tool. Our group now insists that any investment, company or ministry we help engage in the Business Intelligence Data Analytics platform we use. Some instant benefits are:

  • Reduced Executive Time Chasing Unseen Problems
  • Reduce Staff to Create Reports
  • Reduce Hardware Costs
  • End Redundant Meetings
  • Better Understand Enrollment Funnel
  • Accurate Financial Forecasting
  • Understand the Marketing Campaigns to Eliminate Losers | Increase Winners
  • Solve Key Business Initiatives Quickly Based on Facts Not Emotions
  • Increase Revenues

Stop Looking In Your Rearview Mirror | Get Visibility Going Forward

We want to serve alongside leaders to avoid that gut-wrenching realization of surprises that are BAD-BAD-BAD. Ever have any real surprises when your Institution didn’t achieve the projections…and it is tooooo late? We all have had more than enough of those moments. But now we can offer a terrifically cost-effective solution…in fact, our solution quickly becomes a “surplus/profit center”.

What If…we could politically align all your stakeholders around a data dashboard to solve real problems in real time…

What If…you could draw on my group’s 20+ years of relationships & scar tissue to improve all the important metrics of your school…

What If…my help becomes a $surplus/profit$ center for your school…

What If…we can use our Business Intelligence Data Analytics system to quickly turnaround financial challenges…

What If…we can increase the gross revenue of your Institution…

What If…we can attract Money, Marketing & Management to transfer control of valuable core competencies to your Institution…

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