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The New MBA: Tech-Centric Accelerated Learning

— Original publication date: Jully 29, 2016 OK…how many more times do we need to hear that the current Higher Education system is broken?…or that it is going to be disrupted?  We get it, so let’s quickly explore HOW… JOBS, JOBS, JOBS…let’s start there. Then let’s add in the following thoughts: Those under 30 years old expect instant everything…like NOW! They want to align their careers with the causes they…


Presidents & CEO’s: Want To Increase Your Revenues?

We protect leadership from embarrassing situations. How? By providing Business Intelligence with experienced counsel to continually improve all the important metrics of your institution. Let me tell you…as the founder of Grand Canyon University, the predecessor of Ashford University, Jack Welch Management Institute and the Forbes Business School (and others), I have lived through multiple…


Data Tells The Story | We Now Can Change The Story

— Original publication date: November 2, 2016 In today’s business world, especially for nonprofit organizations like schools, “seeing” forward is a critical management tool. Our group now insists that any investment, company or ministry we help engage in the Business Intelligence Data Analytics platform we use. Some instant benefits are: Reduced Executive Time Chasing Unseen…